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sweet-shine: why do you think waldorf schools sound horrible? (this is not to fight I am actually debating at school haha)

Oh my goodness this is referencing something a long while ago!

Don’t get me wrong, some aspects of them are very forward-thinking and probably wonderful for children, but there are parts that I think are just crazy.

Keep in mind I’m going by what I’ve read of them only;

No exposure to television, computers or recorded music? We have all this amazing technology available to us, of which we honestly need to be able to use to function properly in society, and they’re just like “no sorry you can’t expose the children to that”. I mean what? Teaching adolescents how to use technology that they’ve never come across before is simply not going to end well, there will be those who struggle with something so necessary simply because it wasn’t a part of their upbringing. Plus, it’s as though they don’t want any exposure to anything outside of their mindset, I mean do they really want young children to have no idea of anything other than their own community?

I’m also not really keen on the whole “The elementary school centers around a multi-disciplinary arts-based curriculum that includes visual arts, drama, artistic movement (eurythmy), vocal and instrumental music, and crafts”. I’m all for creativity but just like some children don’t react well to regular teaching, some wouldn’t react well to this kind either, and it just seems really pushy. I know in primary school especially I thrived on times tables and spelling and all of that, I thought art and music was fairly boring and a waste of time. You can’t force people to be creative. It’s not even like “just do this and it’s done”, this is something that only comes to some people and I feel like if you weren’t good at it it would be a real struggle to get through, and that’s not a good thing to put on children.

Those are the two main things I thought seemed fairly off about waldorf schools, there’s other little things too but yeah. I don’t know, they just seem like they’re trying too hard to be alternative and are sort of forgetting to raise their students to actually be normal, functioning adults.